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Bugs + Beetles


"Bugs & Beetles" is a generative art project that takes inspiration from nature to create fictional beetles. Through the use of more than 50 parameters, each bug is given a unique and distinctive appearance, resulting in millions of different variations. This project aims to explore and showcase the power of generative processes that can be found in the natural world.

One of the fascinating aspects of "Bugs & Beetles" is the multitude of parameters that influence the look of each bug. These parameters can include factors such as size, color, shape and patterns on the beetle's body. By combining and adjusting these parameters, the generative art algorithm can produce an incredible array of different beetle designs, ensuring that no two bugs are alike.

Bugs were chosen for their easily recognizable shape but also for their immense variety in nature. And also of course: bugs are also coding errors.

The ever growing project expanded into a generator website, twitter and mastodon bots, plotter art, sticker and more.

beetle grid

beetle pen plot

beetles on exhibition

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