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Funky Fingers


Original Artist statement:
"Funky Fingers" is an artistic statement to raise awareness of the non-functional artist help funds during the COVID-19 pendemic in 2020/21. It is especially directed to the artist support scholarships promised by the bavarian government in October 2020. The scholarships were promised to be available to aspiring artists in january of 2021 with a total budget of 25Mio€ (5k per scholarship). Three months late, at the end of march, the application form finally became available. Though until today, I am not aware of any paid out money. My application is under review for over a month now and emails asking for a timeline are left unanswered.

Over time "Funky Fingers" became a tool to protest lot's of different grievances. bleeptrack especially used it to visually underline her strong rejection on the use of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

From Anger to Art

plot Details

accompanying flyer

'FUCK NFTs' hoodie

Funky Fingers on German TV

the process of sticker making

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