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This floor lounge chair, known as "GenChair," is a unique piece of furniture that is created simulating the fascinating vein growth process found in leaves. The design of the chair is inspired by an algorithm derived from the paper "Modeling and visualization of leaf venation patterns" by Runions et al. By harnessing the natural patterns found in nature, the chair exhibits a captivating and organic aesthetic.

The manufacturing process of the GenChair involves milling the parts from 21mm birch plywood. The choice of plywood allows for precise shaping and detailing, resulting in a comfortable and visually appealing lounge chair. Also plywood is a strong enough material to still be stable enough even when a lot of material is removed. The overall milling time on bleeptrack's home built CNC machine took about 12h. The milled pieces then where sanded down by hand and finished with lineseed oil.

If you want to build your own, you need:

  • 2x 45cmx45cm 21mm Plywood for the backrest and seat
  • 1x 50cmx60cm 21mm Plywood for both feet

Mill all paths completely through as outline paths, except the pockets on seat and backrest. Mill them inside the path and 15-16mm deep. For a better fit, you might also want to widen the pockets from 21mm to maybe 22mm. Glue seat, backrest and legs together with wood glue, use your favorite finish (I used lineseed oil varnish) and you're done :)

The chair is rather sturdy, but still be carefull with the front edge of the seat. That definitly is the weakest point of the chair and it will not stand a body's weight.

Finished Chair

Seat fresh out of CNC

Milling in Progress

Simulation Algorithm

On Display

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