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by Harry Josephine Giles and Bleeptrack

What is Glyphsprache?

Glyphsprache is a new language for writing poetry that anyone can help create! You can:

  • Add new words to the language
  • Write poems in the language
  • Look at the dictionary of words already made
  • Read poems that other people have made

Glyphsprache is an ideographic language, which means that each symbol represents an idea rather than a sound or letter.

Glyphsprache is a crowdsourced language, which means that anyone can add a new symbol with a new meaning to the language so that everyone else can use it. We've started the language off with about 50 of the most common words in a language to get you going.

Glyphsprache is an oligoisolating language, which means that it's made out of a few very small and simple parts.

Glyphsprache only has nouns (things), verbs (actions) and adjectives (descriptions). That means there's a word for “good” but not for “but”, and there's a word for “talk” but not for “him”, and a word for “house” but not for “under”.

Glyphsprache has no grammar, which means the words can be in any order, and we use position to show what we mean.

Putting all this together means that Glyphsprache is a poetic language: we've designed it to write poems. It would be very hard to write this introduction to glyphsprache in glyphsprache! But you can write lovely poems in it.

drawing a new glyph

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