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overflower is a generative art piece inspired by succulents and mandalas. The name 'overflower' is a mixture of two words. It derives from the computer science term 'overflow', which describes the value overflow of a variable and the english word 'flower'. Leaves are created in a way to match natural growth, using the fibonnacci spiral. Their shapes vary from pointy to round and are formed after and inspiring set found in nature. Every leave is filled in a mandala like pattern containing of simple geometric shapes like arcs, circles or rectangles. In the colored overflower version, formes are colored in two oppositly running color gradients.

Generated artwork is used in a 'boxed' version to create romantic mosaic assemblies. It is plotted with an Axidraw A4 and Rotring Isograph 0.4mm, black ink.

For fabric print, overflowers were arranged to create a whole flower bed. Therefore hundrets of unique flowers with the same color palette were created to fill multiple yards of jersey and linen. These fabrics were sewn into unique jackets, bags and cases.

overflower pen plot

fabric print

overflower cyber coat

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