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parameter space


"Parameter Space" is an captivating and playful kinetic sculpture that features a collection of stylized asteroid shapes. What makes this sculpture truly unique is its ability to interact with its environment. The fabric surface of the sculpture changes dynamically based on the number of electronic devices detected in its immediate vicinity. This innovative feature adds a dynamic and ever-changing element to the artwork, making it a truly interactive experience for viewers. The software used to detect surrounding devices is based on 'Paxcounter', a microcontroller software that reads bluetooth and wifi adresses to estimate the number of people in a space. This has been especially usefull during COVID times.
The shape of the asteroids in "Parameter Space" is not simply random, but rather the result of a generative algorithm. To encourage further exploration and creativity, the generator and code for this art project will soon be published as open source. This means that anyone with an interest in replicating or building upon this project can easily access the necessary resources.

Video Documentation

wood skeleton assembled


draw strings running towards motor

laser cutting individual parts

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