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PicoPlanets are an experimental PCB (printed circuit board) series that explore the possibilities on transferring generative art practices to the PCB manufacturing process. These two stand in sheer contrast to each other: while generative art focuses on producing a large variety of different designs, the PCB manufacturing process is optimized to produce the same product fast and in huge volumes to keep the price as low as possible. By cleverly subtracting different layers of a PCB (fiber glass core, copper, solder mask, silk screen print), interesting visual effects can be created.

Technical Notes:
PicoPlanet is a procedurally generated series of PCBs. The three planets act as capacitive touch buttons. The board also has a RGB LED on top, a USB-C connector and 4 more pin pads on the bottom. The board's brain is a powerful SAMD21. The design also has stars that are not covered by copper or soldermask and are perfect spots to place more LEDs.

PicoPlanet is compatible with Arduino and Circuit Python. For usage see the documentation link.

PicoPlanet boards can be used as small additional Keyboards. Control your PC Media, OBS, your room light or anything else you'd like. Use the RGB LED as little status notification. Maybe add a small vibration motor for haptic feedback or built a nice case utilizing the M2 mounting holes. Reach for the stars!

promo video


first batch

first test boards

nope, thats not a rendering

generation process

PicoPlanets in action

On Display

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