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"stampID" refers to a collection of procedurally generated stamps that are designed based on the principles of truchet tiles. These stamps are created in a way that each edge of a tile interfaces with the edges of other tiles, allowing for the stamps to be rearranged in numerous ways to form different patterns. Each set of stamps consists of three stamps, each with a different number of interfacing sides: one side, two sides, and three sides.

The design of these stamps is inspired by the intricate and elegant swirls of art nouveau and the bold patterns of Celtic knots. These influences can be seen in the graceful curves and interwoven lines of the stamp patterns. The use of art nouveau swirls adds a sense of fluidity and organic beauty to the stamps, while the incorporation of Celtic knots brings an element of complexity and symbolism.

"stampID" explores the question how generative processes can be transferred into tangible and arrangible physical objects. The stamp sets are generative on two level: the set itself is generated by an algorithem, making each set and it's pattern possibilities unique. But the set is also a tool to create generative patterns through different stamp arrangements.

Video Documentation

a stamp set

a variety of different patterns

stamped pattern

another example of a stamped pattern